K9 Unit

The Dogs of the IBC family!

Our Highly Trained Teams of Belgian Malinois form a unique and specialised part of our response structure. Constantly training alongside their handlers in areas such as security techniques, protection and obedience, all Teams are individually certified by the Public Safety Police (PSP). This close and trusted relationship provides for a highly effective deterrent and colleague support, reinforcing our no-nonsense approach towards the protection of our Clients, their Families and Properties.

As a big part of the IBC Family, our Dogs are given the highest levels of care, attention, playtime and affection. Each Dog is individually monitored by our Vet and receives a specific nutritional diet plan, hydration levels are constantly monitored especially throughout the hotter months. All K9 Vehicles are correctly prepared and provide all the safety, convenience and ventilation necessary for our Dogs welfare.


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K9 Unit

The Dogs of the IBC family!



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