It is without question that your business houses your most essential assets, whether that be property, hardware or confidential information. These things need to be protected at all times.

A breach of your security can cost a great deal of money. Having said that, it’s worthwhile to investigate your private security options. A private security company will have the ability to protect your business from most threats but hiring the right company is a challenge.


Here are the 5 things you need to look for when hiring the best security company for your business’ protection.

1. Reputation

One of the main influences when it comes to hiring a private security company is their reputation and experience.

Put some effort into investigating how long the company in question has been in operation. Then, spend some time online investigating online reviews and customer opinions on the security firm.

You’ll want to keep your eyes open for a private security company that can boast both an excellent reputation and knowledgeable experience.

2. Qualifications

You need to be mindful of the qualifications of the company, as well as the staff that work there. Enquire from the company what certifications and qualifications their staff have, don’t be afraid to ask for details on the staff that manage your specific area.

Ask them whether all members of their security team are efficiently trained and expertly qualified for the roles that they’ve been assigned?

If you ask the questions, and the private security company that you’ve approached refuse to answer, then you know you’re not talking to the right one.

3. Service Diversity

Have a look at your prospective security company’s services. Do they offer more than just the norm?

Especially if your business is in a high foot traffic area, what guarantees will they able to give you on their presence and services?

Some private security companies can offer CCTV security and 24 hour monitoring, but they lack the resources to offer a diverse range of services from there onwards.

Think of your requirements: do you require manned guarding on your premises? Are you looking for a security canine unit that can patrol your business’ yard at night? Do you need any special treatment?

Investigate the full range of services that they offer, and tick boxes off your list from there.

4. Response Times and Service Area

Sometimes, a security company can operate in such a large area that they simply cannot offer fast response times in the event of a callout.

Look into whether the security company you’re looking at can boast great response times. This can often be seen on their social media, and also determined by analysing the area that they operate in.

Larger security companies don’t often have the resources to offer fast response times because the area they cover is so vast. Smaller, private security companies will be able to respond virtually instantaneously. What you want, is a private security company that offers response 24/7/365.

There’s no use in having a security company that can only respond in a few hours if your time of need is now.

5. Overall Cost

Ofcourse, as a business owner, one of your major areas of concern is how much a security service is going to cost you.

Send enquiries to your shortlisted private security companies, ask them what their monthly service fee is. If the payments are due in month increments, it will make it much easier to work them into your business’ budget.

Having said that, also take note that just because a price may be higher, doesn’t necessarily mean that the service will be better.

See if you can receive an itemised list from the company and the costs for each thing, particularly if you still need to have the CCTV and alarm system installed.

Some security companies will send extra invoices at the end of the month if there have been too many callouts, so ensure that you talk to them in detail about how they handle their response to these situations. Will you be charged for each time they come out? How does it work?

This way, you’ll avoid any hidden costs at the end of each month.
Private Security Companies Provide the Ultimate Protection

When hiring your private security company make sure that you take note of these pointers.

It’s advisable that you don’t only check one box when deciding on your security provider, the ideal candidate would be one that can offer all of these. Some will even go so far as to tailor make packages for you, for example, if your business has different locations or drivers constantly in transit, how would they deal with that?

If you’d like to take a look at the full range of services that IBC Security offers within the Algarve, have a look at our services page.

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