24H Emergency & Medical Assistance

IBC feel that one of its most important services offered to all Clients is the 24 Hour emergency helpline. This unique service is designed to give all Clients additional levels of assurances towards their personal security and added piece of mind as well as a direct point of contact in case of Medical emergencies. A call to the 24 Hour emergency helpline will allow the IBC Central staff to assess the situation and if required immediately dispatch Fast Response/K9 teams to attend a distressed Client as well as contacting any emergency service that may be needed. The Central will also pass on any relevant information and help guide INEM/GNR/BOMBEIROS to the property using GPS coordinates.   

All IBC Fast Response Teams and K9 Handlers are equipped and trained/accredited by the Red Cross in the use of comprehensive 1st Aid and the application of External Automatic Defibrillators. The speed of response and application of such equipment and service together with the subsequent direction of emergency services could make the difference. 

The 24 Hour emergency helpline is designed to run as a stand-alone service for those who do not have any type of alarm in place or as an additional hand-in-hand structure with any existing security contract currently in place.