Robert & Gabriele

My wife and I joined IBC Guardian (formally known as SAS) in the autumn 2013 because we were very impressed with the system promising to find us wherever we were within Portugal, if need be, - just press the red button - and voila! You will be found and rescued.

I have reckoned with a very special experience of my own and it is well worth telling.

A few weeks ago I had gone to play at Alto Golf course (I normally play in Silves, living in Carvoeiro) and as usual I was in a hurry and in that hurry I grabbed my IBC Guardian device and stuffed it into one of the pockets in my golf bag. And off I trotted to the first tee. Just as I was concentrating on teeing off a golf buggy , dispatched from reception , came speeding along, with two people inside shouting my name because they had been alarmed by IBC Guardian that I must have had an emergency because I had , inadvertently , pressed the red button when I was hurriedly stuffing the device into my golf bag !!!

Everybody was mightily relieved that I did NOT need an ambulance, that it was all a false alarm, but HOW safe do I feel now after THAT experience - my wife and I never go out without our alarm button because we know that our IBC Guardian Angels always know where we are when we call them!

Robert & Gabriele

Sue & Stuart

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how fantastic your men were in helping us out last Saturday when we had an electrical fire in the wall between our bedroom and bathroom. If it were not for their prompt response to our cry for help, having failed to make the emergency services understand where we were located, things could have been a lot worse. They basically co-ordinate the whole rescue operation and got the Bombeiros and GNR here pretty quickly.

Whoever was first on the scene from IBC also had the forethought to bring a fire extinguisher and really had everything under control by the time the emergency services arrived. Your two men then waited until everything was sorted, translating for us when required.

It is a huge comfort to us knowing that should we ever need emergency services again IBC will be our first line of contact and that we can relax knowing they will sort everything for us! If it had not have been for IBC's immediate response getting round to the house so quickly and producing an extinguisher for electrical fires (which we had none of) and leading the Bombeiros here, things could have been a lot uglier. God knows what would have happened if we'd not been here!

Please pass on our grateful thanks to them!

Kind regards from us both,

Sue and Stuart